The Andeen are hardy individuals enjoying a fight for the simple joy of fighting. They are a proud people and are quick to anger, but quick to forgive as well. Especially if they are beaten fairly in the ensuing fist fight after the perceived insult.

Their skin ranges in tone but is usually some kind of brown or tan. They have black, brown, gray, or white hair. They prefer earth tones in their clothing and armor as well. They are strong people able to carry massive amounts of weight, but they are slow due to being so close to the ground. Their stockiness makes the labor they do easier and keeps them more stable as they do their work.

They work the earth being exceptional farmers and rarely go into Smithing like their cousins in the mountains. They are traders, and hard workers. The Andeen make good use of the beasts of burden living in the plains and hills, putting them to work tilling and carrying goods. They are often seen driving wagons full of fruits and vegetables to trade with the “folks above ground” as they like to call any who are not of their kin. The carts are usually pulled by strong buffaloes who have been trained to follow commands, though to outsiders it seems as a feat of magic to tame such stupid beasts.

Pace:5; Brawny Edge; They do not suffer from fighting penalties when in unarmed combat, however those who bare weapons against them still get the unarmed vs weapon bonuses.


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